Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Burberry Lip Cover in Hibiscus ~ A Lush, Classic Red

In one of my rare excursions to Suria KLCC late last year, I stopped by Burberry to check out their cosmetics counter in Isetan. To be honest, I never really bothered visiting their counter because it just seems a tad bit plain and the display looks so boring. I suppose they are going for that "understated elegance" theme but come on, you'd need to liven up that place a little.

The sales assistant was a nice chap but he needed a lesson in respecting people's boundaries. When he applied the lipstick on me, he shoved his face really close to mine that we were nearly kissing (oh, my!). Or maybe he was just severely short-sighted?

I did end up getting the Lip Cover in Hibiscus because I'm a beauty blogger (i.e. sucker / lemming) and I'm convinced that this colour looks absolutely fab on me. Hibiscus is a really beautiful deep burgundy-red with a slight pink undertone.

*swatch *

I am really happy with the pigmentation and quality of these Lip Cover lipsticks. They are smooth and feel moisturising without being too slick or wet. I sometimes use a lipbrush with Hibiscus but it applies straight from the bullet without any issues. The lipstick does have a faint sweetish-rosy scent but it is only noticeable if you take a really good sniff from the tube itself. When applied to lips, the scent disappears and I can't really detect anything.

Hibiscus is now my new favourite red. It is a very chic colour and is not overly bright. It has really decent staying-power and lasts through my morning coffee until lunch. Even after eating and wiping my mouth, it still leaves an even stain. I just need to quickly touch up and it looks as good as new again.

The metal casing is rather angular and bulky. I'm not sure I like it as I prefer my lipsticks or glosses to come in rounded tubes because they just feel more comfortable to hold. I am however pretty impressed with the magnetised cover. It actually swivels and clicks into place if the cover is inserted incorrectly.

If you are looking for a good, classy red for the upcoming Chinese New Year reunion dinner, I'd definitely recommend giving Burberry's Lip Cover in Hibiscus a try. The only reason why I am not jumping up and down and telling everyone to run out to get it is due to the price. At RM96 for each lipstick, this is not a cheap option.

Burberry Cosmetics can be found in Isetan KLCC. I am not certain where else it is sold in Malaysia but I can only recall seeing one counter so far.