Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi all,

Thanks for hanging on with me during this migration.

I have moved to Wordpress and my site name is still the same however you may need to update your bookmars / rss feeds / subscriptions. But I don't believe there's a need to. Unless you're new to this site.

Please visit my blog at :

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yes, We Are Still Here

* a balancing act... photo taken at Chinese acrobatic show in Beijing *

Just a quick update that the Wordpress move is taking a bit longer than expected due to the domain transfer procedure. I plan to resume to my regular post schedule by early next week because I actually miss blogging!

Hope that by then I'll be seeing y'all with a new blog layout :-)

Thanks for hanging on and wishing everyone a bee-yoo-tee-fooooool life!

lotsa luv,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Little Movement and Housekeeping

I'll be moving over to Wordpress and won't be posting during this transition period.

There should not be any changes to the links or rss feeds. *fingers crossed*

The blog will be back up and running with a brand new look very soon!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Nail Polish on the Brain ~ Butter London Victoriana

I have heard so many raves about Butter London Nail Lacquers that I just had to get a few to see what the fuss was all about. One of the colours I picked up was Victoriana.

Victoriana is a teal-blue with a good dose of dense silver shimmers throughout. It looks almost textured but it dries down without any gritty feeling. I don't own many blue polishes and to me, Victoriana is a pretty unique colour.

* crikey, sausage fingers! *

When I first got the nail polish and swatched (very quickly), I didn't think it was anything special and couldn't really see why everyone was raving about Butter London. But over the weekend, I decided to whip it out and gave myself a proper manicure, and boy, oh boy, did the formula impress me. It is very smooth and the polish just glides so easily over my nails. It really does apply like buttah (corny, I know)!

The rectangular outer cap can be removed to reveal a shorter, round inner cap with a printed little crowned birdie on it. Cute, yes? One thing that took a bit getting used to was the longer, thinner brush, which feels similar to Zoya's except that it is thinner and slightly floppier. However I can appreciate that it gets to the corners a bit better than wider brushes.

So yes, I think I'm a Butter London fan now! Victoriana has really good pigment and was completely opaque with just two coats. It has a nice, smooth consistency which I didn't find to be too thick unlike a number of polishes I have tried in the past. It started showing some minimal tip wear after 2 to 3 days but it is hardly noticeable.

Butter London can be purchased from (UK site) or (US site). It regularly retails at £12 each so depending on your currency exchange, it may be slightly cheaper to get the polishes from the US site for US$15 each.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Beauty to Behold ~ Guerlain Cruel Gardenia Meteorites

When I first saw pictures of Guerlain's Cruel Gardenia floating about last year October, the artistry and design of the powder really captured my attention (and heart). I had missed out on getting Laura Mercier's Rose Rendezvous and based on a number of reviews I've read, it is supposed to be a little similar to Cruel Gardenia. I enlisted the service of my high-end makeup Secret Agent to get me one as soon as or even before it hits the counters.

It is such a delight to view Cruel Gardenia in person. The raised 3D floral design emerging from the pan is absolutely beautiful. I'm not terribly familiar with plant species so I can't say for sure if the flower is a gardenia but honestly, who cares when it's so pretty.

Monday, February 13, 2012

An Overview of Topshop Kohl Eyeliner Pencils

One of my favourite high-street guilty pleasures is Topshop Makeup. I first discovered them early last year and at that time, they only had the makeup line available at the KLCC Topshop store. They have recently expanded to carry their makeup range in more Topshop stores.

Some time mid of last year, I picked up four of the Topshop Kohl Eyeliners in the colours Bolt, Saddle, Juniper and Slate. They were having a promotion at that time, which was why I purchased four different shades at one go.

The Topshop Kohl Eyeliner has excellent application. The pencil glides on easily without tugging and the pigment applies very smoothly. I usually apply pencil eyeliners on my top lash line and create a little flick at the end. These pencils perform really well without issues.

The staying-power is also pretty good. It lasts a full working day on me with slight fading towards the end of the day. Just bear in mind that I normally have my makeup on for more than 12 hours and anything that stays is quite good in my books. It does smudge a little as my lids are oily but it definitely lasts longer when used with an eye primer.

• Smooth application.
• Pigmented.
• Long lasting.
• Good variety of colour selections.
• Very affordable.

• May not be available widely across Malaysia.

Topshop Kohl Eyeliners are sold at most Topshop stores in Klang Valley. Each pencil costs RM23. The makeup range is available at KLCC, Pavilion, One Utama and Sunway Pyramid stores. The sales assistant mentioned a few more outlets but I cannot recall them.

Have you tried any Topshop Makeup before and do you like them? Do share and let me know what else is worth checking out :-)

Friday, February 10, 2012

NEW! Have You Tried the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Yet?

By this time, I'm sure many of you would have heard of or seen the brand spankin' new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter around town. I thought they would be arriving to our shores in March but it looks like the release date has been pushed forward and we lucky folks can now get our grubby little hands on these babies.

There are eight yummy shades brought in locally; 020 Brown Sugar, 025 Peach Parfait, 030 Fig Jam, 070 Cherry Tart, 075 Lollipop, 080 Strawberry Shortcake, 085 Sugar Plum and 096 Macaroon. I tested them all at Watsons and fell in love with four of them. The other four were nudey pinks and browns that I don't tend to wear well.