Monday, January 9, 2012

Dior Vernis Spring 2012 Collection in Forget Me Not and Waterlily

This Spring, Dior has created a really pretty range of makeup inspired by lovely Spring gardens in bloom. Aptly named the Garden Party Spring 2012 Collection, we see many shades that are reminiscent of Monet's paintings.

"Dior creates a stir with these limited edition scented nail polishes. Two fresh shades, soft green and flowery lilac that upon drying, release an intoxicating rose fragrance." ~ description by Dior

Dior introduces a couple of scented nail polishes, of which I am very excited about. Waterlily and Forget Me Not from the collection look so beautiful and are definitely unique additions to my current stash.

Waterlily is a mint-green creme with fine golden micro-shimmer and has a milky quality to it. Initially I thought pastel green won't suit me because I generally don't wear this colour well. Waterlily is a little surprising and the light gold sheen adds an interesting dimension to an otherwise common pale green. The formula is quite good and applies without issues. The first coat may be a little streaky but it does even out with the second coat. You'd need at least two coats to achieve opacity.

Forget Me Not is a lilac-purple creme that is slightly dusty with scattered fine shimmers throughout. Application is relatively easy and smooth with the tapered brush. It is well pigmented and is opaque with two coats. The finish is glossy and in certain lights, you'll catch a twinkling of the secret shimmers. Between the two polishes, I must admit I prefer Forget Me Not because I love dusky shades and this has a hint of smokiness which makes quite special.

What about that rose-fragranced nails, you say? The polish smells like most other nail polish from the bottle but it does dry-down and leaves a faint rosy scent. Thankfully, I didn't find it intrusive because the scent does last for a while.

The Dior Vernis in Forget Me Not and Waterlily are a limited edition colours and are currently available at most Dior counters nationwide. They may sell out fast, so if you're interested, do pop by Dior and check out these two lovely Spring nail varnishes for yourself. Each retails at RM72 (think they raised the prices recently).

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