Friday, January 13, 2012

The Scintillating Scent of Love with Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum

Lancôme introduces Trésor Midnight Rose as a youthful, new addition to the classic Trésor fragrance family, currently consisting of the Original Trésor and Trésor In Love. Taking inspiration from the streets of Paris at nightfall, Midnight Rose personifies a sense of playfulness and a certain joie de vivre from being young and in love.



It was a pleasant discovery to find out that the fragrance was composed by Anne Flipo, the talented Nose behind many fragrance houses and gorgeous creations, including a couple of my personal favourites. “Trésor Midnight Rose is A COLOURFUL, UPBEAT AND JOYFUL FRAGRANCE... It embodies mischievous femininity: rose becomes playful, driven by deliciously tangy raspberry tones, wooden shimmers and voluptuous vanilla notes. This spontaneous, irresistible rose charms everything in its path. IT’S A REAL SIGNATURE,” Anne explained.

Fronted by the lovely Emma Watson, the video advertisement depicts a contemporary story of attraction between two young people against the charming backdrop of Paris.

I must admit I was a little hesitant when I first received the fragrance as I am usually not a fan of most scents targeted at the "younger crowd". They tend to be too sweet, too cloying or pungent. However Midnight Rose surprised me with its jasmine and blackcurrant notes and a robust dose of pink pepper. The rose in this fragrance is rather subtle and is somewhat masked by the overture of more dominant middle notes. It dries down to a deeper cedar and musk but I still get a tinge of blackcurrant (cassis) in the background.

Top Notes: Raspberry, Rose Absolute
Heart: Jasmine, Peony, Blackcurrant Buds, Pink Pepper
Base Notes: Virginian Cedar, Musk and Vanilla

I have been wearing Midnight Rose for an entire week and the scent is starting to grow on me. I was initially undecided because I expected a rosier fragrance but I must say that pink pepper and currant notes are usually complimentary on my skin. Come to think of it, one of my favourite fragrances has pink pepper, vanilla and musk present so it shouldn't really surprise me that I would enjoy Midnight Rose as well.

Midnight Rose is a heady blend of fruits and florals that is slightly sharp at times but seductively musky on drydown. It is made to capture the spirit of youthfulness, sensuality and a bit of mystery. It is not a typical sweet rose scent but something deeper and darker. The scent lasts a decent amount of time and I still catch a whiff of musky blossoms by the end of day.

The multi-faceted, elongated flacon tinted by a lovely gradation of sultry pink to deep mauve is really quite lovely. The purple satin rose bud around the collar is a very charming accent and I have it swiveled to the side so it doesn't get in the way of the nozzle. The bottle is solid glass and very comfortable to hold because it is long and fits in the palm of my hand nicely.

I may be past moments of exciting first encounters and new romances but that doesn't mean that I can't wear a younger scent to uplift my senses. If you are looking for a unique fragrance with a slight deviation from a common rose perfume, I would recommend that you try Trésor Midnight Rose the next time you visit Lancôme.

Trésor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum can be found at all Lancôme boutiques and counters nationwide; retailing at RM205 for 50ml and RM265 for 75ml. They are currently running a roadshow at the Concourse of Mid-Valley Mall until 15th January. You can also get the opportunity to redeem a free sample at any counter, so do visit the Lancôme Malaysia Facebook page for more information.