Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh, Paul & Joe, You Make My Heart Sing New York, New York

Paul & Joe Fall 2011 makeup collection called Manhattan took inspiration from the glamorous New York City and launched a gorgeous range that was released in two parts. This collection recently reached our local shores and I have been anticipating its arrival for more than a month. There is a special set on offer with selected items from both parts of the series, so of course I had to get it.

I won't go into too much detail on the entire collection and you can refer to their website instead. This has to be one of the nicest Fall makeup releases in a while and I absolutely adore everything, which is quite rare because I tend to only like one or two items (or none at all) in most seasonal releases.

Face & Eye Color CS in Empire State (074) comprises of shimmery yellow-gold and dark grey strips that can be used alone or together. The combination is really pretty!

The Pencil Eye Liner WP is a shade called Upper East Side (001) and it's a steely charcoal with gold glitter. It is meant to be smudge-resistant and waterproof.

I am so happy the Nail Enamel that came with the set is the one I had intended to purchase as well. The City Never Sleeps (018) is a gorgeous, bold purple with flecks of gold and navy shimmer. I'd like to think that the colour was inspired by the inky night sky, illuminated by dazzling lights of New York City.

Paul & Joe introduces the newly formulated Lipstick M in this series and the colour NYC (002) is a brilliant jelly fuschia pink with bits of shimmer strewn through. It looks scary and bright but actually applies very sheerly and the finish is a pretty subdued pink that is slightly glossy and glittery. It is surprisingly easy to wear.

Influenced by the art deco designs of the city, the Color Palette in Chelsea (002) with shades for eyes and cheeks is a lovely combination of feminine yet daring colours. The brushes included are actually usable and quite good quality although I find the cheek brush rather small.

Overall, this promotional set does not disappoint and is very limited so I'd recommend that you hurry to your nearest Paul & Joe if you're interested. The set retails at RM360 and it comes with full-sized items.

I will try doing swatches and individual reviews soon!

At the time of writing, the SA has not received the full product pricing yet and the list below is based on her estimates. I will continue updating the price list as and when I receive more information.

Product Pricing (Updated 20th Nov 2011):
• Color Palette - RM154
• Face & Eye Color CS - RM117
• Pencil Eye Liner WP - RM60 ++ (price to be confirmed)
• Lipstick M - RM87
• Nail Enamel - RM52