Friday, November 11, 2011

Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50

Naruko is a Taiwanese beauty brand created by Niu-Er, who's a famous makeup artist I believe. I have read many raves about their products before and have also seen a couple of reviews by Fuzkittie (a YouTube beauty guru). I was pretty excited when I spotted a few Naruko products at a nearby Watsons quite recently and just had to get their BB cream (well, what would you expect from a foundation junkie?).

Like most BB creams, the Naruko Narcissus one comes in a squeeze tube that is easy to control. I tend to prefer such packaging too because it is easier to travel with compared to heavier bottles.

The consistency is quite watery and coverage is very light. In fact, I would say the coverage is similar to a tinted moisturiser more so than a foundation. It is quite possibly the sheerest amongst all BB creams I have tried. The texture is very smooth and blends to almost nothing on my skin. It does not enhance the dry bits on my face too, which is a good thing as my skin has been rather dehydrated lately.

Due to its sheer nature, I have been using the Naruko BB cream as a base instead and then applying whatever foundation (liquid or powder) in my rotation on top. I think it acts as a relatively decent primer since it helps smooth my skin out, is lightly moisturising and at the same time, controls oil quite well.

Like most BB creams, the Naruko one only comes in one shade and thankfully, it is a very good match on my skin tone. The colour is a neutral-beige and should suit those with NC15 to NC25 colouring.

I must admit I am rather impressed by its ingredient list and it seems to have some pretty interesting stuff in it. I'm not certain what skincare benefits some of them provide but I like that it contains quite a number of herbal extracts. It has a herby-floral scent that is actually quite pleasant but if you're sensitive perfume, you may not like this product although the scent does dissipate after a short while.

In summary, if you are looking for a lightweight BB cream with added sunscreen, the Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50 is a good option. The Naruko BB cream can be found at most Watsons for RM49. I believe you can order from the Naruko Malaysia website at a slightly cheaper price but do note that the site is in Mandarin.

Have you tried anything from Naruko and what are your recommendations?