Sunday, July 3, 2011

Benefit Creaseless Cream in Skinny Jeans and Birthday Suit

When Xin organised a collective spree from Benefit, I decided to jump at the chance to get a couple of Creaseless Creams because I have read quite a bit on them and the general consensus seems to be pretty good. I used to own one many years ago, probably in a discontinued colour because I cannot find it on their website anymore. But I may have tossed it out because it was dried up and got rather gritty.

I couldn't really decide which colours to get initially but decided to go with Skinny Jeans and Birthday Suit because they seem to receive the most raves. I didn't even bother testing any of these out at the Benefit counters and just went with my gut instinct.

Skinny Jeans is a rather unique pewter-green shade that has gorgeous gunmetal finish.

Birthday Suit is a beautiful shimmery champagne, golden sand shade and it looks lovely as a wash, highlighter or base.

The texture is creamy and applies very smoothly over my lids. I don't recall the older version being this smooth so they may have reformulated the Creaseless Creams over the years. I use either a brush or finger to apply them and both methods work out quite effortlessly. It dries down fairly quickly as well and when it does, it is quite budge-proof.

The first time I used Skinny Jeans, I lightly swept some of theBalm eyeshadow in Makeout Mary (reviewed previously) over my lids to bring out more of the green. Powder eyeshadows seem to blend in quite well.

The next day, I used Birthday Suit as a wash over my lids with a winged eyeliner. I absolutely love this look and actually received quite a few compliments that day. Birthday Suit goes on as a subtle golden sheen across my lids.

I understand a lot of folks have had huge success with how long these Creaseless Creams seem to last on them but sadly, it was not really the case for me. They did start to crease on the inner corner of my eye after 6 to 8 hours but this is not bad considering that most eyeshadows on its own will crease after just a couple of hours. Also, it is very easy to smudge away the creased product with your finger so I didn't see much issue with this problem.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with Benefit's Creaseless Creams and won't even mind adding a couple more shades to my collection. I believe they retail for RM86 each at local Benefit counters but I got mine for US$19 (approx. RM58) from their website.