Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eye Combo from theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 2

A month ago, I pounced upon two of theBalm Shady Lady palettes. They are fast becoming my favourite everyday eyeshadows. I have been using them quite regularly and even brought them along my long weekend stay in the city last week.

I whipped out Shady Lady Vol. 2 and used Makeout Mary and Caught in the Act Courtney (such cute names!). The golden olive green and shimmery red-brown combination is really nice. The texture of these eyeshadows are incredibly smooth and buttery.

They are also quite pigmented so you'd need to use a light hand if you're afraid of too much colour. But one should never be afraid of too much colour except clown colours.

It looks rather incomplete without eyeliner but I was running late. I normally use a duo of shades on work days because I don't really have much time to blend too many different eyeshadows together. Don't know why my eyes look a little sad in this photo but it's probably due to the angle it was taken. It also doesn't help that Lancome's Virtuose mascara makes my lashes droop because the formula is rather wet.

As far as eyeshadow combinations go, I really like this. The two shades should suit most skin tones and if you have the palette, they combine well with the other colours too. If you have similar shades in your collection, I'd definitely recommend giving this pairing a try.