Monday, July 4, 2011

Inglot Eyeshadow Freedom System Palette ~ AMC45S, 414P, 419P and 451P

Since my first visit to Inglot a month ago, I have fallen completely in love with the texture, pigment and variety of eyeshadows offered that I had already decided to go back for more. Just last week, I was given the opportunity to attend the official media launch of the brand and thought it was probably good to pick out a few eyeshadows at the same time.

Inglot eyeshadows come in six different finishes, which are Matte, Pearl, Double Sparkle, AMC (Advanced Makeup Component), AMC Shine and AMC Pigment Powder. The texture of their eyeshadows are generally smooth, soft and buttery with minimal fallout. Their colours are also very pigmented and are visually stunning.

I had intended to get greys and blues since I had gotten browns, taupes and purples the last time. But I ended up coming home with this rather clever combination thanks to the three evil enablers I met up with that day. They had already spent an hour doing most of the legwork and all I had to do was "hitch" on their idea and add one more shade to complete the quad. You may start seeing similar colours popping up around the beauty blogosphere soon :-)

I am especially happy with AMC45S because it's not a shade I would have picked on my own. Xin was playing around with it at first and when I swatched it, I knew it was coming home with me. I have finally found a yellow I can wear because it remains more cool than warm. Another shade I like is 414P. This is one seriously gorgeous green and multi-dimensional too.

* sorry about the grotty photo, was in rush that evening *

I had a dinner to attend on Saturday and wore 419P as a base colour and shaded 414P on the outer corner of the eye. I then added AMC45S as a shimmery golden highlighter below the eyebrow. This is a really lovely combination and the colours blend and compliment each other very well.

Many eyeshadows tend to disappear when my eyes are opened but you can tell that these Inglot eyeshadows remain pigmented and visible. They lasted well through the evening. I had applied them around 5PM and the colours remained true past 2AM. I was wearing an eye primer so that helps the colours last longer.

This experience of self-selecting colours has also helped me be smarter and it's what the Freedom System is about, as it allows you to compose your own palette. The previous two palettes were chosen based on specific colour families.

* re-used my old photo but added the numbering schemes this time *

There is no right or wrong way of creating your own palette. Go with what you like and whatever colours that make you happy!

Inglot products and eyeshadows are available at Ingot in Sunway Pyramid. Each square eyeshadow retails at RM28 for 2.5g worth of product (which is quite a lot!). The Freedom System palettes range from RM16 onwards.