Monday, January 18, 2010

review : my beauty diary - black pearl mask

This is day two of My Beauty Diary masking series. I dug around the internet on whether it was all right to mask everyday and the general consensus with most sheet masks is that it will not kill you. In fact, quite a number of these masks are designed to be used daily. So, I took out the Black Pearl mask because it sounded rather exotic.

This mask is marketed mostly for whitening and to improve skin elasticity. Over the years, my skin has darkened because I did not use to apply sunblock as religiously. Also, the past few times I have traveled, I returned with sunburnt skin although I did not visit any warm destinations. My skin has improved in the last few months but it is not as fair as it was five years ago. It does not help that I live in a hot and tropical climate too.

Description (from Sasa) :
My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask whitens skin and restores elasticity for skin. It is ideal for all skin types, especially dull and loose skin.

Ultimate whitened skin: Ultimate whitening complex composed by black pearl extracts is a beauty ingredient containing amino acid and microelements. Blended with marine and botanical essences, it activates skin’s natural hydrating and whitening mechanism, leaving skin silky and radiant.

Leaves skin elastic and translucent: Natural vitamin C extracted from pineapple, rum and cucumber boosts metabolism and removes cuticles for fine, refresh, watery and white skin. Deep nourishment restores skin’s elasticity. Skin is revitalized and perfect.

Amazing Nanospheres Technology: Structured with plenty of tiny holes, it enhances absorption of nourishment, leaving skin moisturized.

Verdict :
I did not feel any itchiness or tightness when I had the mask on, which was a good thing because I have read that it contains a few irritants that some people cannot tolerate. My skin is usually quite sensitive and prone to rashes but I did not experience any adversity. The essence was slightly tackier than the Aloe mask I tried yesterday but my skin felt smooth once it was absorbed. There was a faint powdery scent that I found quite pleasant. I left the mask on for 45 minutes as I was enjoying the cooling sensation. Upon removing, my skin felt a wee bit sticky but that went away soon after. I did not see any visible "whitening" effects, which was a small letdown.

Availability :
The Black Pearl mask came in a One Week Package box consisting of seven different "flavours", one mask for each day. It is sold at Guardian Pharmacy and I bought mine for RM34.88, so each mask works out to be approximately RM5. I have seen MBD masks sold cheaper online but I am chicken-shit when it comes to ordering from unknown sources because I have read that there are fake versions out there. It is rather funny... pirated masks.

Ingredient List :

Purified Water, 1, 3-Butylene Glycol, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid, Pineapple, Alage, Cucumber, Lime Tree, Triethanolamine, Methyl Paraben, Algae-Yeast Complex, Bio-Active Silanols, Lecithin, Nanospheres, Vegetale Collagen, Citric Acid, Royal Pearl

Overall :
... Not loving it and not hating it either.