Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reaching Beyond the Realm of Spring with Blush Horizon de Chanel

Spring releases are my biggest weakness. With all the enchanting, water-colour inspired shades arising in the form of makeup, I find it difficult to resist their prettiness. One of the most anticipated pieces this season is the Blush Horizon de Chanel, and it is the star product of the Harmonie de Printemps 2012 collection.

"The luminous hues of sunset are now captured in one elegant highlighting face powder. Subtle gradations of rose, coral and peach can be applied on their own or blended together, to highlight and sculpt the face or achieve an overall warmth and radiance." ~ Chanel's description

* photo taken with flash to illuminate the golden shimmer *

The Blush Horizon consists of assorted strips in luminous pinks, peaches to berries and plums. The top half of the blush has a sheer and shimmery white strip, which is meant to highlight and impart a soft glow. The lower part is peachier with a mix of berries and is the more pigmented half of the blush. Ultrafine golden shimmer is strewn across the blush and I believe it goes all the way down through the pan. It comes with an angled brush in its own velvet cover but I didn't find the brush usable as it is rather small.

My initial reaction when I tried Blush Horizon was that it is a really pretty, shimmery blush but nothing particularly special. So I did not actually get it the first time around. It was only after returning home a few hours later that I noticed my cheeks looked nicely flushed especially under my dimmed tungsten room lights. I started lusting after the blush then and went back to Chanel the following week to get it.

Blush Horizon appears as a peachy-pink on me with a tinge of coral and gold. It is a blush I will use on special occasions and evening functions, when I want to look more polished and glowy. It also serves well as a daytime blush and I have worn this to work a few times but it is very pigmented so I'd recommend a light hand and gradually building up colour.

The Blush Horizon is my first Chanel blush and I figured it might as well be a splurge. It currently retails at RM215 for 15g worth of product. Yes, it is very expensive and not something I would casually spend on but if you're a collector and would like to add a special blush to your stash, I'd highly recommend giving Blush Horizon de Chanel a shot.

You can find the Blush Horizon at our local Chanel counters or boutiques but I believe they brought in rather limited quantities and I am not sure how quickly it will sell out. I bought mine around mid-January from the Sunway Pyramid counter in Parkson.