Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Babbles : Food with Family

The past few weekends, we have had a couple of birthday celebrations and my mum and dad took it upon themselves to create lovely dinners for the family. My parents are very good cooks and homemade dinners with them are always a delight.

My cooking is nowhere near as accomplished as mum's and dad's. I mean, look at the food!

* roasted duck on a bed of salad *

* Turkish lamb with cous cous and vegetables *

* mixed salad with shredded duck *

* Italian beef stew with pan-fried sausages and cous cous *

* grilled salmon with garnishing and cous cous *

My parents don't just cook food... They create feasts. Each of the courses is paired with a suitable wine or drink and the whole dining experience is a real joy visually as well as gastronomically. My sisters and I are honestly very lucky to have mummy and daddy feed us :-)

The star of the evenings are almost always the soups prepared by dad. If you think you've had the best soup that you've ever tasted out there at a frou-frou restaurant, you have not tried my dad's. We have now dubbed him "Soup-er Man"!

* clam chowder with prawns and bacon bits *

* light prawn bisque with a blend of classic root vegetables *

The soups are smooth, full and bursting with flavour that you'd usually want to have seconds (or thirds). My mouth is watering as I type this. Gorgeous and sublime is what I would call dad's soups. By the way, he makes the best pig trotters vinegar stew (Hokkien : Too Kah Chor) too. I hope we get to have it this Christmas holiday *hint hint*.

So, what have you been eating lately and have you had any memorable home-cooked meals? Do share so we can spread the foody love!

A Special Note:
Thank you, mum and dad, for all the wonderful meals you have prepared for us. We are such pampered children :-)