Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glamourous Party Nails with Dior Vernis in Apparat

About a month ago, I had tested the Dior Vernis in Apparat and immediately fell in love with it but it wasn't officially launched at that time and the Dior lady told me to come back in one week's time. Well, I went back a week later and they had already sold out! I also tried another counter at a different mall and they were out of stock too. I went a little bit batty at that time and it wasn't until another week later that I finally got my mitts on that elusive bottle of nail polish (at yet another mall).

Anyway, to cut my ravings short, Apparat is finally mine! The next time I'll get the sales assistants to put things on hold for me so I can avoid all the drama and the rather insane-sounding, random tweet outbursts (apologies to those who had to put up with me at that time).

Apparat is part of Dior's Holiday 2011 Les Rouges Or Collection, which brings us a gold-themed range of lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes. It is not a colour I would normally choose based on the bottle alone but when applied on the nail, it transforms to a rich burgundy with fine ruby and gold shimmer, and is really quite lush and sensuous.

The formula is relatively smooth and consistent, and I didn't really have problems applying the polish. It is also pigmented and you can probably get away with just one coat but I had applied my usual two coats in the photos. Drying time is average and it dries down to a glossy, cream-metallic finish. I added a topcoat to bring out more shininess.

It brings to mind a rather celebratory feel and is no surprise as Apparat means "pageantry" in French. With Christmas creeping up around the corner, I am sure many of us are already getting ready for the festivities and parties ahead. So, what will you be wearing on your nails this holiday season? Will it be bright and sparkly or rich and vampy?

Dior Vernis in Apparat (871) is limited edition and may be available at a few Dior counters or boutiques nationwide. It retails at RM70 each.