Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ettusais Medicated Acne Emollient Supplizer

About two months' ago, I had a rather horrible outbreak of rashes and cystic acne on my face. It may have been caused by several new skincare products I was using all at one go and my skin probably couldn't cope. So, I started looking at anti-acne skincare, something I have never really ventured into before. Actually, it is a little depressing that I need to use anti-acne skincare at my age.

The Ettusais Emollient Supplizer (such a funny term... I thought it was a typo at first) contains AC-control oil which is supposed to help combat blemishes yet provide hydration even to very dry skin. Besides the breakouts, my skin has also been suffering from the effects of air-conditioning and is rather dehydrated. So, it was important that the moisturiser won't dry out my skin further because many anti-acne skincare can be quite drying.

The moisturiser applies smoothly and does not feel sticky. I normally use it in the evening and have noticed that my face feels very soft the next morning. My face seems to look clearer and more radiant too. It is fragrance-free therefore is suitable for those who are sensitive to smells. I have not noticed any breakouts caused by the moisturiser but I think it could also be due to cutting down on the number of products used at night. I cannot locate the ingredients but I do believe the moisturiser is oil-free.

Overall, I am very pleased with this moisturiser and would likely repurchase once I run out. In fact, I now prefer the Ettusais moisturiser over Clinique or Estee Lauder. *shocked gasp* I just love how my face feels after applying it. I would recommend this to folks who have similar problems because I honestly think it has helped improve the outlook and condition of my skin.

Ettusais has a pretty good range of skincare and they are relatively affordable. The Medicated Acne Emollient Supplizer can be found at Isetan stores locally and retails at RM88 for a 29g jar.