Friday, November 4, 2011

Paul & Joe Body Salt Scrub for a Blissful Bath and Shower Time

I am a huge fan of Paul & Joe and have to admit that it's mostly because of their girly, vintage packaging. Good thing their products have generally worked out quite well on me because it would be silly to keep buying stuff from them just because they look nice. In a fairly recent haul, I returned home with the Paul & Joe body scrub, which was released in the Blue Horizon Summer 2011 collection.

The body scrub feels very luxurious and when I tested at the counter, I was completely sold by how smoothly the granules melted into a gorgeous creamy texture. It consists of salt and sugar granules to buff your skin and the shea butter helps soften and moisturise. It does not feel terribly coarse like how some salt scrubs can get. As I suffer from mild body eczema, my skin is quite sensitive and cannot tolerate anything that is too rough. The Paul & Joe scrub strikes a nice balance between grit and substance, and it feels quite comfortable on my skin.

Due to the palm oil and shea butter, the scrub may feel slick to some however it does not get very greasy and washes off quite easily. I find that it leaves my skin soft to touch and makes me feel nicely moisturised. After toweling off, I would normally apply the Paul & Joe Body Milk and this combination is absolutely heavenly. Ahhh, bliss...

Like most of their products, the body scrub has Paul & Joe's signature orange blossom scent, which I really adore. Sadly, the fragrance only lasts as long as the shower and although my skin is lightly perfumed when I step out of the bathroom, it fades after a short while.

The BeautyCabby Tip "Glob a small amount of the body scrub (you can use any scrub) onto a dampened foot file and gently scrub your feet, concentrating on areas where calluses have formed (usually on the heel). Make sure the file can be used wet or dry."

The Paul & Joe Body Salt Scrub is available at Paul & Joe counters in Parkson Subang Parade, Parkson Pavilion and Sephora. I believe it is a limited edition item and may not be widely available. Each 230g tub retails at RM116 and comes with its own spatula. It may be expensive for a body scrub but I think it's worth it because it polishes my sensitive skin well and I have not suffered any adverse skin reactions or eczema flare-ups using this.

Mallow Extract, Edelweiss Extract, Olive Oil, Orange Flower Water, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Orange Oil, Balm Mint Leaf Extract