Monday, October 31, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis in Rouge Carat 587 ~ Getting Ready for the Holidays

I have been looking forward to the release of Les Scintillances de Chanel for the Holiday 2011 because it is such a gorgeous collection composed of beautiful golds, reds and light. I thought I would be coming home with their star product, the Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel (highlighting powder), but I didn't like the texture when I tested it out. It felt quite gritty and powdery and was overall a little disappointing albeit extremely beautiful to look at.

I picked up the Rouge Carat Le Vernis instead.

This is one sexy colour and is the sole nail polish in the collection. Chanel describes it as a "luminous red" and well, it is certainly that and more. In the bottle, it appears as an exquisite ruby-red with flecks of fuschia shimmer that seems almost metallic. It is also the perfect holiday colour and especially suitable for the year end since it is such a festive shade and reminds me of bright Christmassy ornaments.

* under natural indoor daylight - colour appears more true *

Application is smooth and relatively easy. I used two coats to get a more even coverage but it was opaque with just one coat. I added an Essie fast-drying top coat because I'm impatient and cannot be bothered waiting too long for nail polish to dry.

* under bright sunlight - colour is lighter *

The Rouge Carat wears for about 3 to 4 days before it starts showing signs of chipping around the nail tips. It has a creme-satin finish with the lovely Chanel "hidden shimmer" that comes to life when light hits the nail.

* pair Rouge Carat with sumptuous red lips and you're good to go! *

The Chanel Rouge Carat Le Vernis is currently available at most Chanel counters for RM70. It is a limited edition colour and may run out. If you're interested, I'd recommend heading over to your nearest Chanel counter to check out the Holiday 2011 collection soon.

P.S.: To those who met me at the MWS Reader's Choice Awards 2011 party on Saturday, I was wearing Rouge Carat on my nails that day :-)