Monday, June 6, 2011

Sephora Eyeliners - Electro and Nano

Electro and Nano... both names sound rather superhero-ish. I must have X-Men on my brain because I just watched the movie last night. It was my first movie at the cinema this year and I'm glad le hubby dragged me to it because X-Men rocks!

Anyway, back to the beauty segment. I was completely hopeless at applying eyeliners until I discovered the right brush to use (with gel liners). Over the years, I have tried a few but they usually resulted in wonky lines or very messy application. So I gave up on them altogether. Just a month ago, I unearthed a MAC 209 brush and began to experiment with eyeliners again. I started to get a little better as I tried to use them more frequently.

My sister and I made a trip to Sephora KL over the weekend and we played around with lots of eyeliners (amongst other things). I kept fluffing about with a couple of Urban Decay 24/7 ones because I couldn't make up my mind. Then we started testing out the Sephora liners because they had a wide selection of interesting colours too.

I chose the Sephora Liner Electro in Marine and Choc whilst Sis picked the Nano liners in Precious Silver and Lagoon (along with the same Electro liner shades I selected).

We were both very impressed with how smooth and creamy these liners were. The Electro liner contains micro glitter that is not gritty or suffer from any fall out, whilst the Nano liner has the added benefits of shea butter and rosemary extracts.

Both Marine and Choc are very modern and wearable colours. They add an interesting dimension to one's eye makeup and can be used as a pop of colour. They can also be smudged quite easily to be used as a base colour or for a smoky / hazy look. I opted for these two shades because I usually wear neutrals to work and thought they are just a bit more fun than the regular black or dark brown liner. I put on Choc this morning and it lasted the whole day. I did use a primer first though, so that may account for its longevity.

The Sephora eyeliners featured in this post are available at Sephora KL. The Electro liner costs RM29 each and the Nano liner is RM21 each. Both are relatively reasonable options since the Urban Decay liner costs 3 times more.