Monday, March 7, 2011

Kiss Me SUNKILLER BB Perfect Strong

I was so excited when I saw Watson's carrying a pretty good range of Sunkiller products. I think Sasa used to sell Sunkiller but they disappeared for a while and now they are back. Honestly, I'm not sure how long it's been since they brought back Sunkiller but I did not notice it last year. I've read quite a bit about these sunblocks so of course, I had to pick a few up.

Amongst one of the many sunblocks available in the range is the BB Perfect Strong. I've been on a BB cream kick recently so I was pretty eager about trying this one out. The SPF coverage is good and more than enough for my usual work days or weekends as I don't spend too much time outdoors. If I plan to go out for a photo-walk during the day, the SPF is probably good enough too.

What they say:
Kiss Me SUNKILLER BB Perfect Strong contains ultra-fine nano sunblock particles to strongly block UV rays. SPF50+ strongly blocks UVB and prevents skin irritation. PA+++ strongly blocks UVA and protects against darkening and aging.
The colour of natural skin tone allows it to be used as a liquid foundation. It conceals freckles, pores and some wrinkles, leaving skin delicate-looking.
It contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and Lipidure, a moisturizing factor, to fully care for the skin. The non-greasy formula provides long-lasting hydration.
It is highly sweat-proof, waterproof and sebum-proof. It does not have the bad odour that normal sunblock has. And it does not contain perfumes or artificial colourants.

It sounds all hunky-dory.

My Thoughts:
The texture is runny and feels rather slippery when applied. I would say it is more like a tinted sunblock than a BB cream. It looks rather yellow on the back of my hand and even when I tried blending it out with my fingers, it was still a little too yellow on me. Also, if you have dry skin, I'd advise you to moisturise first because this sunblock is not particularly moisturising although it contains a few hydrating ingredients. I felt that the product didn't blend in and absorb well. It was just sitting on top of my skin.

I was all right for an hour or two and then I noticed that my cheeks felt pretty dry and tight. I was browsing around in Sasa at that time and took a look at myself in a mirror. Yucks, the sunblock had oxidised slightly and the yellowish tint had settled on every bump and flaky skin on my face. And my cheeks and forehead felt really uncomfortable by then. I couldn't wait to get home to wash my face! When I finally did, my face had turned redder and bumpier than before.

I think I'm allergic.

I don't want to discourage anyone who would like to try out this sunblock. I have read a few good reviews on BB Perfect Strong and it probably works if you have normal skin. My face is just very sensitive and has a tendency to get itchy, dry, tight, flaky, red and bumpy at every little thing. I didn't have any adverse reaction on my neck and upper chest, so I may continue to use it on those areas.

This BB sunblock is available at most Watson outlets and retails at around RM35 (forgot to check the price).