Sunday, January 24, 2010

review : rimmel sexy curves mascara

Rimmel has been in Malaysia for a while but I was never interested in their products except for their mascaras. I had tried the Glam'Eyes Mascara but was not too impressed. The wand was strange and plasticky although bendable but the formula was clumpy and did not do much for my lashes. I had bought Sexy Curves at the same time but did not bother using it as I had dismissed all Rimmel mascaras. However, I came across several positive reviews of Sexy Curves in a number of beauty blogs and I decided to whip it out for the first time today.

The mascara wand is quite unique and a little strange looking. Rimmel calls it their Triple Plump brush that promises to deliver 70% curlier lashes.

It is pretty impressive in terms of lengthening and keeping the curl. It makes my lashes more defined as well but I was hoping for more volume. Still, it is pretty flutter-worthy. The wand felt a little plasticky but it's not surprising since it is made of a million teeny little plastic spikes. I do think the shape of the wand helped pick up most of my lashes when I swiped it on and reduced any clumping.

This is a rather funny angle but I wanted to demonstrate how much longer and curlier my lashes appeared. I was pleasantly surprised that the mascara did not feel heavy at all.

After four hours of wear in humid Malaysian weather, it still held up well. My lashes remained curly and the mascara did not flake at all. Removing the mascara was a breeze too because the version I bought is not waterproof. I normally don't have high hopes for mascaras after trying so many that failed in some way or another but Sexy Curves was a pleasant surprise and I must say I do like it. The name seems quite apt too :-)

Availability :
Rimmel is sold at most Watson's outlets and Sexy Curves costs RM39.90. There is a waterproof version that comes in a green metallic tube.

Overall :
♥ ♥ ... Lashes are longer, curvier and not clumpy. Removal is quite easy. Price is relatively cheap. Would prefer more volume.