Friday, February 3, 2012

Affordable and Effective Lipliners by SilkyGirl

Don't you just love it when you find a drugstore cheapie that actually works? I was honestly so chuffed when I came across these Silkygirl Long-Wearing Lipliners in Guardian. I don't really know much about the brand except that it is local and has a pretty good selection of very affordable cosmetics.

The Silkygirl lip pencil is an automatic liner and doesn't require sharpening (just my kind of thing). It comes in a simple plastic twist-up casing and is coloured to reflect the lipliner shade. The texture of these lipliners is waxy and slightly creamy.

I believe they offer five different shades and the ones I picked were in Nude and Rose. There are times when you want a more polished lip look and this is when lipliners really help to outline your lips and prevent lipsticks or glosses from feathering. Lip pencils can also help extend the wear of your lip products.

I sometimes wear lipliners on its own by filling out my entire upper and lower lip with the pencil and then adding a touch of lipgloss. It is quite a versatile product and is very pocketable since pencils are usually slim and can fit into almost anything.

Silkygirl cosmetics can be found in most local pharmacies (drugstores) nationwide and the Long-Wearing Lipliner retails at less than RM15 each. These lipliners are made in Germany.

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