Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Multi-Task Brush from Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

I am sure most of you would have heard of the Pixiwoo sisters, one of the most successful beauty gurus on YouTube. Samantha Chapman who is the older sister, has launched a line of synthetic brushes called Real Techniques some time last year. I have been contemplating on ordering them for a while but to my surprise, Shins (the store) now have the brushes available locally.

The Multi-Task Brush is from the Travel Essentials set and it includes two other brushes, a narrow Foundation Brush and a Domed Shadow Brush. I have given away the foundation brush to my youngest sister and kept the remaining two brushes, which I quite like and have been using frequently.

My favourite brush from this set is the Multi-Task Brush, which they recommend for application of powder, blush and bronzer. I have not been using this brush as recommended and instead have been using it as a liquid or cream foundation brush. Let me just say that it works beautifully!

The bristles are made from taklon and the brush feels very plush, dense and soft. The extended aluminium ferrule feels light and comfortable. You are supposed to be able to stand the brush up on its own as the base is quite wide but I don't see much use for this function. The set also comes with a Panoramic Brush Case, which is a foldable, standing brush holder.

As mentioned, I use the Multi-Task Brush with liquid and cream foundations. What I normally do is to stipple on some product onto my face and then blend out with light, swirly motions. My foundations look flawless with this brush and it works better than a regular duo-fiber stippling brush (I have the 187 from MAC). As the brush head is so dense and soft, it blends everything like a dream.

I have washed this brush a few times and it doesn't bleed or shed. It dries relatively quickly for a synthetic hair brush too. I like the Multi-Task Brush so much that is has more or less replaced my other foundation brushes and I have been using this solely since getting it last month.

I purchased the Travel Essentials set from the Shins shop at RM135. Sadly, the Multi-Task Brush is not available individually and you'd need to get the whole set. It is a pretty fair deal though because the pricing in UK (where the brushes come from) is £20.99 but after adding shipping, it will be more expensive to purchase online.

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