Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Babbles : A Little Tour Around My Room and Pineapple Tarts

I read a comment left by ParisB on Tine's blog about how tiresome it can get to just do review after review and it got me thinking that there's not enough fun on my blog. So instead of bringing you yet another review, I shall blabber incessantly about my weekend (so far) and the things I've been up to. And yes, I have named this series "Weekend Babbles". There may not be any logic or point to these posts but it's just a break from the usual monotony.

Today, I shall give you a mini tour around my room. There's nothing particularly fantastic about it and it's a fairly standard room. Oh wait, now I remember what I wanted to show you. I bought three Ikea Helmers on Friday and fixed them up yesterday.

I decided to go with red because the rest of my room is sort of clinically white and these red drawers have a bit more personality than plain ol' white. It took le hubby and I less than an hour to assemble all three Helmers. And no, they are not all filled with nail polish. My collection is not that huge... yet.

My room is quite neat to begin with and believe it or not, I don't have beauty products strewn everywhere. There used to be a smaller cabinet which has now been replaced by two Helmers (pictured above). One of the activities I really enjoy doing is sorting and organising. Call it a hobby if you will, I just like keeping things in order.

My table top is not very cluttered and I like my dressing table a lot because it has three very useful shelves on the side and a secret compartment (!). I had just washed a few of my regular eye brushes and left them to dry on my table.

The mirror slides out to reveal three more shelves! I keep brushes, eye primers, liners and mascaras on the bottom shelf and most of my foundations, bb creams and face primers on the second. There's not much to look at on the third shelf and it's filled with some um... 'miscellaneous' products.

The rest of my room is quite boring. There's a bed, a television and dvd player, books, a bedside table and wardrobes (but is hidden in the photo). I have dark curtains because the morning and afternoon sun can get very bright. We have an ensuite bathroom but it's not terribly exciting so I can't be bothered taking photos of it.

My house is filled with the wonderful aroma of pastry today because le hubby has been making pineapple tarts (batch no. 4). He's been baking quite a lot lately because there's a potluck lunch with his team tomorrow. Just as long as he doesn't give anyone a tummy ache, it should be all right.

I sincerely hope you've had or been having an enjoyable weekend! Do let me know what you've been up to and hope to hear from you soon :-)

ps - One day I shall reveal the contents of each drawer but as you can see, there's a lot of drawers to go through!