Friday, November 25, 2011

Paul & Joe Nail Enamel in 014 ~ A Fun Jelly Pink

A few weeks ago, I went to Paul & Joe and noticed they had a nail polish set on offer. The set includes a base coat, a nail care oil and a nail polish.

The Nail Enamel in 014 is quite an eye-catching glossy, bright pink shade with light coral undertones and may be a permanent shade so you probably can purchase it individually (but I'm not sure about its availability locally). It has some fuschia micro-shimmer loosely distributed but my camera didn't really pick up the shimmer. It is a jelly finish so you'll be expecting a sheer formula and 3 to 4 coats to be opaque.

* indirect sunlight *

I am wearing my usual 2 coats (without top coat in photos) and the nail line is still slightly visible. It should be more evened out after 3 to 4 coats but I couldn't be bothered applying as many layers because this nail polish takes absolutely forever to dry. Honestly, it has one of the longest dry-times out of all the nail polishes I have tried.

* indoor natural daylight *

It also feels strangely sticky, even after waiting more than 20 minutes for the 2nd coat to dry. As this is my first experience with jelly polishes, I'm not sure it the stickiness is normal. But I didn't really like the icky sensation.

Although I don't enjoy the formula and the unbearably long dry-time, no. 014 is still a really pretty and fun colour to wear. It instantly brightens up my skin tone and gets quite a bit of notice since it's such a cheery shade. It did start showing some minimal tip wear after two days but that's probably because I didn't add a top coat.

In a nutshell, unless the Paul & Joe Nail Enamel in 014 is a shade you must have, I would probably give it a miss. The set is quite value for money though and costs RM100 for all three items (base coat, nail care oil and nail polish), and these items usually retail above RM52 each. I believe the set is still available but in very limited quantities.

Have you tried any Paul & Joe nail polishes and do you have no. 014? I'd love to hear your experience with it and whether you faced the same issues I did :-)