Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Small Collection of MAC Limited Edition Blushes

I don't own many MAC blushes and the few that I have in my stash are from previous limited edition releases. I got them just because they seem to be a little more unique than most of their regular blush range. I also purchased them at the time of release so I can avoid having to hunt them down on eBay if I changed my mind ;-)

* wearing Tippy *

MAC Tippy Beauty Powder Blush from Hello Kitty Collection (Spring 2009)
Okay, I must admit I got this blush just because it has Hello Kitty on it. Tippy is a bright, blue-toned pink. It looks rather loud in the pan but if you use a light hand and blend, it looks very pretty on skin. It imparts a strawberry pink flush and I absolutely love it. This blush would probably suit those with cooler or neutral undertones better and I think will look lovely on those with deeper skin tones.

* wearing Azalea Blossom *

MAC Ripe Peach and Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre from Spring Colour Forecast Collection (Spring 2010)
Both these blushes were released last year, just shortly before Give Me Liberty came out. I think they look absolutely gorgeous and so very unique too. In the pan, they both have a gradation effect that looks really quite pretty. Azalea Blossom is a blend of pinks and purples and it goes on with a slight sheen. Between the two blushes, this suits my skin tone better and the slight hint of lavender makes it a bit more interesting than just regular pink. Ripe Peach is a golden, peachy-orange and it reminds me of a sunset. The colour is really beautiful! I tend to apply with a light hand as it can sometimes be a tad bit warm on me. They are both larger than a regular MAC blush, weighing at 8.9g each.

* wearing Prim and Proper *

MAC Prim and Proper Powder Blush from Give Me Liberty of London Collection (Spring 2010)
MAC collaborated with Liberty's and came up with a colourful range of cosmetics that set many a collector's heart a-flutter. I actually find the bird on the cover a wee bit scary-looking but I picked up Prim and Proper anyway because I do not have a similar shade in my stash. It is described as a neutral nude, which is fairly accurate. On me, it appears as a pinkish nude with a light sheen. The texture is soft and smooth and really easy to apply. I think it will look nice on most skin tones. This blush is my favourite of the lot.


What's your favourite MAC blush and which shade from their permanent line or seasonal releases would you highly recommend? Do tell as I'm looking for ideas and plan to explore more MAC blushes :-)