Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nail Polish Newbie Moment with Revlon Creme Brulee

I must admit that I have never quite bothered with my nails. Although I don't bite them, I have a tendency to scrape the tips off especially when I am stressed out or bored. For years my nails have been rather short because I don't really give them the opportunity to grow very long. In the last week, I have been trying my darnest to kick the habit and managed to grow them out a little. This means I can start painting them and wearing nail polish again! Hooray!

* the customary fingers with nail polish bottle shot *

Quite honestly, I am so proud of myself because I have not painted my finger nails for more than two years. So, I dug out some nail polish from the corner of my cabinet and started to paint. My attempt is quite messy though. I realise my cuticles are in a deplorable state as well so I should really do something about them soon. But let's just ignore them for now.

Although I don't paint my nails often (if at all), I would still buy nail polish. Yes, it can't be helped. I am a shopaholic / beautyholic through and through. I used the Ettusais polish, which is a clear lacquer with a beautiful iridescent gold shimmer to layer on top of Revlon's Creme Brulee. Both polishes don't look particularly special on their own but they sure do make a pretty combination.

I got the Ettusais in F1 (yes, that's its uninventive name) as a gift with purchase two years ago and it's in a teensy, weensy bottle. I'm quite sure it will run out quickly and I would need to go and check if they have the same colour in a full sized version. I am very impressed with the quality of the polish as it applies very smoothly and doesn't feel gritty after dry-down although it contains shimmery particles.

The Revlon polish is not too bad either but it can get a little streaky (probably due to my lack of nail polishing skills) and I find the brush to be a little floppy. It is relatively quick drying and I didn't have to wait too long before applying the next layer. Creme Brulee is a lovely golden nude with a slight rose tinge.

I think gold nails look quite festive and I will probably do something similar for the upcoming holiday season. I just need to start taking better care of my hands and nails and improve the sad state my cuticles are in. Well, I hope you'll see some better looking fingers in the near future :-)