Friday, October 14, 2011

Chanel UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily UV Care SPF 50

Sun protection is a skincare product that I do not usually skimp on. Even if I am just popping out for a short while, I would still slap on some sunscreen before leaving the house. I have been using the Clinique Derma White Super City Block and Clarins UV Plus, both with SPF 40, and very recently added the Chanel UV Essentiel with SPF 50 to my rotation.

I use sunscreens mainly to prevent the effects of sun damage. I am not particularly worried about turning darker but I am concerned about getting wrinkles and hyperpigmentation marks. I have a few pigmentation spots on my left cheek because that side of my face is usually more exposed to the sun due to my daily work commute.

I have also discovered that I am probably allergic to chemical sunscreens. For the longest time, I thought my skin couldn't tolerate anything with SPF 50 and above as I tend to run into all sorts of problems when I wear such sunscreens. But I now think it's certain chemical content and not so much the SPF value that  have been causing the reactions. As the Chanel UV Essentiel is a physical sunblock, it is less likely to cause any issues.

Skin’s guardian angel provides invisible daily protection against environmental aggressors. A free-radical and anti-pollution shield with a Vitamin E derivative and plant extracts empowers this oil-free, lightweight formula to safeguard skin against environmental pollutants. Licorice Root Extract and a highly effective combination of UVA and UVB filters help diminish and prevent the appearance of dark spots and signs of premature aging.

The Chanel UV Essentiel comes in a simple, minimalist white bottle and from what I have read online, a few seem to have been astounded by its diminutive size. Most of my sunscreens come in similarly sized bottles so I'm quite used to it. In fact, the small bottle makes it easier to travel with.

There is a mini ball bearing within and like most Asian sunscreens, the bottle needs a good shake before use. The product dispenses from the spout well and is easy to control. The sunscreen comes out white but fades to nothing once blended in. It has a light, lotiony consistency but is not too slippery that it will slide off immediately.

The consistency is really smooth and I find it to be more moisturising than either the Clinique or Clarins sunscreens. I can skip a moisturiser because my skin is combination to oily and the Chanel UV Essentiel seems hydrating enough. For those with drier skin types, you may still want to apply a moisturiser beforehand. It has a light, floral scent that dissipates after a while but for those who are sensitive to smells, you may prefer an unscented product. Personally, I don't find the scent intrusive and actually think it smells quite nice.

Overall, I am really happy with the Chanel UV Essential. Not only does it help fight the damaging elements from stress, pollution and the sun, it provides a broad-spectrum SPF protection to help prevent the signs of skin damage. It also acts as a makeup base and I don't need a separate face primer when using this. It has silicones, alcohol and fragrance but I have been using it for more than two weeks and have not had any issues so far.

The Chanel UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily UV Care SPF 50 is sold at Chanel counters nationwide and costs RM154 for a 30ml bottle. Make no mistake, it is an expensive sunscreen. However if you are sensitive to chemical sunscreens like I am, the Chanel sunscreen, which contains physical blockers, may be something to look into.

On a Side Note:
I would highly recommend reading an article by Beautiful with Brains on the differences between chemical and physical sunscreens as she explained them very well. The article helped me identify why I was having adverse reactions to certain sunscreens and I am definitely a lot wiser now.