Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Revisiting: Lumiere Cosmetics Cashmere Silk Foundation

When I returned onto the beauty bandwagon a couple of years ago (yes, I went through a phase of not caring at one time), I started experimenting with mineral makeup. It was fairly new to me and I was so intrigued by this idea of "natural" makeup.

Last year, I came across Lumiere Cosmetics at The Bodybar in Sunway Pyramid. The collection available was not wide but they had what I wanted, which is foundation of course. You will soon see why I am such a foundation junkie after the jump because I will be revealing my naked face (gosh!).

Lumiere has 4 foundation base options; Veena Velvet, Flawless Face, Luminesse and Cashmere. I got the one in Cashmere, which is meant for all skin types. It was also the only one available at The Bodybar during that time.

My Thoughts:
The shade in Light Beige was closest to my skin colour. Although it's a loose powder foundation, it does not feel powdery at all and in fact, looks a little creamy. It has a semi-matte finish and does not enhance dry or flaky bits. The powder is finely milled and feels rather silky.

This is what my face looks like without any makeup. It's patchy, red and spotty. I woke up with a red nose this morning and it just had to be red in the middle only.

Doesn't it look better after applying the foundation? My ruddy cheeks and spots are not 100% covered but as long as I don't look so pink, I'm okay with it. You can layer on the foundation if you prefer a fuller coverage and dab on some concealer as well. I'm not that bothered though. I used a baby kabuki to buff the foundation on.

I know the two photos seem a little dark. That's only because I apply my makeup in the morning without any lights on. I'm just used to doing it this way.

* under florescent lighting *

This is probably how most of my colleagues see me at the office, under similar lighting conditions. The foundation is fairly long-lasting and is still well present after a full day at work. I used Lumiere's Silk Finishing Powder to set the foundation and to help with oil-control. I did not experience much oxidation  or cakeyness by the evening, which seems to happen with many other foundations, especially the powder formulas.

A couple of mineral foundations I've tried before made my skin itch a little, especially when I started to sweat. I suppose it was the bismuth content in them. But Lumiere's products are bismuth-free, so they are definitely more suited to those with sensitive skin.

Another plus point to this foundation is that it is relatively affordable. A full size 30g jar costs RM68 but I think I paid less because I had a discount. One jar will last quite a while because very little is needed for each application.

I think I'll stick to using Lumiere's Cashmere Silk Foundation for a bit until I get bored and distracted again. This is likely to happen soon because I have quite a collection of foundations and need to rotate them every once in a while.

  • Silky texture.
  • Does not feel heavy or thick.
  • Natural looking.
  • Decent coverage, if you have good skin, you don't need much at all.
  • Bismuth-free for those who are sensitive to this ingredient.
  • Pretty good range of shades available.

  • Hard to find in stores.
  • Requires a brush to apply, which means extra cleaning to do.

Lumiere Cosmetics can be ordered online from LovingMinerals for RM68. You can order sample sizes, if you'd like to test them out first or find a shade match. This is what I'd recommend if you are not able to try them out in person.