Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kinda Belated Introductions

As you can see from the post before this, I have enlisted the help of my two beautiful (and younger) sisters to keep this poor blog alive :-) I thought it would be fun to have a trio of girls blogging here because it's always good to have variety. Besides, we are each from a different generation and will bring a completely different perspective to what's hot and what's not.

Avvie (a.k.a the hamlet) :
- in her teens (can we say sweet sixteen... aah, to be fresh and young again)
- pretty much anything and any colour looks good on this girl!
- has a love / hate relationship with her monolids

Middle Sis
(a.k.a pet monkey, um... I don't know what she's gonna call herself here, let's wait until she gets back from trotting around Hong Kong with mum) :
- in her early twenties
- green eyeshadows are her favourite although I think she's starting to experiment more with smokier looks (sexy!)
- L'Occitane's biggest fan (probably)

And then you have me (a.k.a big sister) :
- not a teenager anymore
- not a twenty-something year old anymore
- beauty product junkie

So, now you have generations X, Y and Z all bloggin' in da house!

* this photo of us was taken two years ago... we are a little more grown up now *

ps - I just realised we have the same hair parting!