Sunday, March 21, 2010

playing with honey brown

The weekends are so precious these days. After slogging through some major insanity at work, I cannot wait until the weekend rolls around again and to recuperate. Not to mention I get to play with some makeup looks for a bit. I am still experimenting with new techniques, especially on my eyes. I need the practice because I suck at so many levels.

Today, I decided to whip out the free Lumiere mineral eyeshadow sample I received with my purchase from By the way, this is my first foray into loose mineral eyeshadow. On it's own, it looks like a shimmery bark brown shade. To my surprise, it went on a little orange. Well, it is called Honey Brown and real honey does contain golden tones after all. I tried to lessen the orange-ness with a shimmery pink shade from MAC. I don't think I like the outcome though.

It looks better with flash. Believe it or not, I had brown eyeliner on but my application was so terrible that I had to smudge it out, which is why the crease colour is browner and darker.

Eye makeup is really fun but can be frustrating at the same time. I have been learning how to line my eyes (have never done it before) and there were so many instances when I had to remove everything from my eye and reapply from scratch (including the skin care). This is why I try to "practice" over the weekends as I don't usually have much time to get ready on work days.

A week ago, I bought an Anna Sui eyelash curler, which I really like because it fits my eye well. Only one problem with it, the curler is black and I cannot really see if all my lashes are included between the crimpers (is that a word)? If you look closely at my lashes, you can see that only the middle part were curled.

The colours are muddier in tungsten light. I don't think I carry off golden, orange shades well and tend to stay away from anything overly warm. Although Honey Brown may not have worked well on me, I am definitely trying out more mineral eyeshadows (loose or pan form) in the future because the colour payoff is fantastic. I can see why people are crazy over MAC Pigments and other loose mineral makeup.

By the way, I need some concealer recommendations. I have one from a Japanese brand but it tends to sink into the undereye wrinkles making them look worse. It does camouflage my dark circles though. What are you currently using?