Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i will read ingredient lists from now on...

I think the reason why I have been having so many makeup foundation woes is due to the L'Occitane sunscreen. Alcohol denat is listed as an ingredient. I believe it was drying my skin out, causing the t-zone to over-produce oil. It may not be the only culprit because there are other products in my skin care routine that contain alcohol as the first five ingredients. But the sunscreen has been the only thing I have not switched in the last three months. And it was in the past one or two months that I started noticing the weird foundation problems.

My skin has been horribly tight and disgustingly greasy at the same time.  It was reacting this way only when I had certain products on. This was why every single foundation would cake and streak within ten minutes of application (I kid you not). It was very frustrating because my foundation looked so messy!

I used a different sunscreen today and the Paul & Joe foundation is not terrible anymore.

Mystery solved.

I have been doing some research on skin care ingredients and am really quite bummed that a number of recent purchases contained stuff that are probably not very good for my skin. I will be re-evaluating my skin care in the next few days.