Friday, February 19, 2010

super quick and easy lip scrub recipe

Happy Lunar New Year! I really hope all those who celebrate had or are still having a wonderful time this festive season. For me, it's been a rather hectic week since last Thursday. Also, the weather has become very hot and dry, which was expected since it tends to get this way during this time of the year. Good thing it rained the past couple of evenings. I have been feeling unwell and I think I caught a bug from my mum when she visited.

My lips have a tendency to be dry. This is something I have suffered since teenage-hood. Coupled with the heat and stress from the festivities, my lips were in a rather grotty state. I have tried a variety of store-bought lip scrubs before but didn't think they worked well. When LUSH recently came out with a small range of sugar lip scrubs, I was really intrigued. I love LUSH to death but they are not available here. So, I searched the net for homemade recipes and came across a super easy one. It is so easy, I wonder why I never thought of it before.

sugar lip scrub ingredients:
- Vaseline (I used Lucas' Papaw Ointment)
- sugar (I used organic brown sugar)
- a finger
- a wet washcloth

Dispense a small amount of the balm onto finger and dip into the sugar. You don't need a lot, just enough to coat your mouth well.

Then, proceed to gently scrub the sugar mixture all over lips, concentrating on the areas prone to chapping (usually the middle of my lower lip). I would recommend doing this over your bathroom or kitchen sink because it does get a little messy and bits may fall off. After the scrubbing is done, use a wet washcloth to wipe off the excess and voila!... soft, smooth lips!
Apply a moisturising lip balm or treatment after.

See, it is that simple! I was honestly quite sceptical at first but after watching a few YouTube videos on various lip scrub recipes, I just had to try it. And I am so glad I did because it is so, so easy (I cannot stress this enough) and cost effective. Instead of plonking down unnecessary money on pre-packed scrubbies out there (not to mention some are insanely priced), I will just make my own :-)

I already plan to try out a few other recipes with honey and olive oil. If I need something portable, let's say to bring along when I travel, I can use the same method as above or make a fresh batch prior to travelling and put some of the mixture into a small container.

Well, I hope this helps sweeten your lips. If you have any other homemade scrub recipes, please feel free to share.

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