Friday, February 5, 2010

review : paul & joe protective dual powder foundation

I have had a really stressful week and am so glad that it's over. It was so stressful that a huge and really painful zit appeared on my forehead :-( Good thing we have makeup to help conceal some imperfections.

Anyhoo, I am still completely bonkers over Paul & Joe. I was previously mostly looking at their skincare, which have been working out quite well so far. Lately, I have been eyeing some of their cosmetics too. The SA had included a tester size Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV SPF20 PA++ with my previous purchases and after using it a couple of times, I decided to get the full sized version.

The powder foundation comes in a sweet pearlescent compact. It looks a little orange in the photo due to the lighting but is actually white.

I got the it in the shade #30. The SA tried recommending me #20 but it was a little too pink for my liking.

Here's what P&J has to say :
"A high SPF powder foundation for cool, sensuous skin. A moisturizing and flexible makeup base with a meltingly soft texture which adheres gently to the skin, whilst protecting against summer dryness."
Based on the description, this powder foundation seems to be designed to be used during the hotter seasons. Since I live in a tropical climate where it's sunny all year round, I figured it should be suitable for use here.

The finish of this foundation is not overly powdery and goes on smoothly. It provides medium coverage when used dry but should be slightly heavier if used wet. It feels a little "creamy" on my skin, which is different from most other powder foundations. And so far, I have only used it with a dry sponge. I like that it helps conceal my pores and redness with minimal fuss.

Also, this powder foundation does not oxidise on me. I absolutely detest those that turn a ruddy orange after a few hours' wear. I still need to blot my skin mid-day and again in the evening, but at least my face does not look orange. It doesn't help control oily skin, which is why I use blotting papers.

I can't say if this is Holy Grail stuff but it definitely is a lot better than many powder foundations I have tried. For now, I am quite satisfied with it and will continue using until something better comes along the way.

update (11th February 2010) :
I tried using the P&J powder foundation with the P&J face primer and the foundation was cakey! Weird... as I had thought the primer would help the powder go on smoother. The primer worked fine with my other powder foundation from Definite Cosmetics. It looks like the P&J combination do not work well together.

update (3rd March 2010) :
I discovered why makeup foundations have been caking really bad on me. It was mainly due to the L'Occitane sunscreen and a couple of other skin care items that were drying out my skin, causing my face to over-produce oil. This had a "pooling" effect especially noticeable between my eyebrows and below my nose. I just switched my moisturisers and sunscreen and there has been an improvement.