Monday, February 1, 2010

fotd : a smokey failure

I'm really into the smokey eye look these days and have been looking out for palettes that I can create this look from. I came across a Bloom eyeshadow trio at Shins the other day and thought the colours were really nice and perfect for a pair of smokey eyes. It was sold at a discounted price too.

I'm a sucker for cute packaging but let's see what's inside, shall we?

colours from left : platinum, slate, ash

Honestly, I was rather disappointed with the colours although they seemed promising. The texture was not very smooth and went on quite messily. But I have a suspicion the Clarins eyeshadow base had something to do with the shadows being rather draggy. Perhaps they will work better with a different base or primer.

You can see that they don't blend very well and sort of sank between the crease, creating a rather weird line. This picture was taken when they were freshly applied too! I tried to blend and blend but gave up after a while and resorted to just smudging the darker shade (Slate) in a rather sloppy fashion. I need to try them with another base (or without) to see if they go on any differently.

I was not a very happy camper but had to leave for lunch with my eyes looking that way because my husband was getting hungry and impatient.

This was my first time using Bloom eyeshadows. What are your experiences with them?