Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lunasol Eye Brush (L) N

Back in June, I posted about my favourite eye brushes and I now have another brush to add to the list. I purchased the Lunasol eye brush a couple of months' ago after browsing through their brush collection. I must admit that the quality of Lunasol brushes are simply sublime. I couldn't stop caressing them at the counter.

Lunasol brushes are manufactured by Chikuhodo in Japan and they are one of the best brush-makers in the world. Chikuhodo also produces brushes for RMK and Suqqu, which other than makeup, are both known for their luxurious brushes too.

The eye brush is made from 100% Canadian squirrel hair and honestly, I am not sure if different squirrel species will actually make a difference in quality. The bristles are uncut and very, very soft but not so soft as to fall apart. It does retain some firmness and this allows eye makeup to be patted on, blended out or swiped with ease.

The beauty about this brush is not only in its softness but also its shape. The L size is a bit larger and longer than most eye brushes but don't mind the size as I find it fits my eye well. I like to use this brush to lightly pat on colour and then use the tip to blend into my socket line.

Overall, I am really pleased with the Lunasol eye brush and have incorporated it into my daily eye makeup application. The brown handle is very lightweight and comfortable to hold. The soft bristles blend eyeshadows really well without compromising the pigment and integrity of the makeup.

The Lunasol Eye Brush (L) N can be purchased at Lunasol for RM98. The price may be expensive but for such a high quality brush, it is money well spent and it is still cheaper than most MAC eye brushes.